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  1. An Introduction to Land Law - , Emily MacKenzie
  2. Culture Conglomerates: Consolidation in the Motion Picture and Television Industries - William M. Kunz
  3. Confucian Constitutionalism in East Asia - Bui Ngoc Son
  4. Animals, Property, and the Law - Gary L. Francione
  5. Disobedience: Concept and Practice
  6. Crime Policy in America: Laws, Institutions, and Programs - Shahid M. Shahidullah
  7. Creating the Administrative Constitution: The Lost One Hundred Years of American Administrative Law - Jerry L. Mashaw
  8. Contract and Consent: Representation and the Jury in Anglo-American Legal History - J. R. Pole
  9. Children's Lives in an Era of Children's Rights: The Progress of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Africa
  10. Business Law in the Global Marketplace
  11. Ethical Problems and Genetics Practice - Michael Parker
  12. Research Methodologies in EU and International Law: A Contextual Analysis - , Robert Cryer
  13. Lizenzvertragsrecht
  14. Inside Chinas Legal System
  15. Law in Northern Ireland - Brice Dickson
  16. Court of Remorse: Inside the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda - , Thierry Cruvellier Voss
  17. Commercial Bar Association (COMBAR) 1989-2014: Celebrating the First 25 years
  18. Capitalism v. Democracy: Money in Politics and the Free Market Constitution - Timothy K. Kuhner
  19. Beyond the Bones: Engaging with Disparate Datasets
  20. Anti-Terrorism Law and Foreign Terrorist Fighters - , Deniz Kayis
  21. An Introduction to the International Criminal Court - William A. Schabas
  22. Rebooting Justice: More Technology, Fewer Lawyers, and the Future of Law - , Stephanos Bibas
  23. Fundamentals Of Building Contract Management
  24. Gender Politics in Transitional Justice - Catherine O'Rourke
  25. Essential Law for Marketers - Ardi Kolah
  26. Neoliberal Legality: Understanding the Role of Law in the Neoliberal Project
  27. Criminal Fair Trial Rights: Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights - Ryan Goss
  28. Electronic Consumer Contracts in the Conflict of Laws
  29. Complete Executor's Guidebook - Benjamin H. Berkley
  30. Classic Writings in Law and Society: Contemporary Comments and Criticisms - A. Javier Trevino
  31. Constitutional Illusions and Anchoring Truths - Hadley Arkes
  32. Child Abuse Investigation Field Guide - , Jerri Sites
  33. Challenges to the American Founding: Slavery, Historicism, and Progressivism in the Nineteenth Century
  34. Attacking Judges: How Campaign Advertising Influences State Supreme Court Elections - Melinda Gann Hall
  35. Interparliamentary Cooperation in the Composite European Constitution
  36. Integrity, Risk and Accountability in Capital Markets: Regulating Culture
  37. Non-Governmental Organizations in World Politics: The Construction of Global Governance - Peter Willetts
  38. Your Texas Wills, Trusts & Estates Explained Simply: Important Information You Need to Know for Texas Residents - Linda C Ashar
  39. Origins of the Bill of Rights - Leonard W. Levy
  40. Inside Lawyers' Ethics - , Adrian Evans
  41. American Justice 2015: The Dramatic Tenth Term of the Roberts Court - Steven V. Mazie
  42. From Retribution to Public Safety: Disruptive Innovation of American Criminal Justice - William R. Kelly
  43. Fraudulent Evidence Before Public International Tribunals
  44. For the Common Good: Principles of American Academic Freedom - , Robert C. Post
  45. A Nation Dedicated to Religious Liberty: The Constitutional Heritage of the Religion Clauses - , Charles J. Emmerich
  46. Everyone's Guide to South African Law: 4th Edition - Adriaan Anderson
  47. Domestic Violence and the Law in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa
  49. Consumer Law and Policy: Text and Materials on Regulating Consumer Markets - Iain Ramsay
  50. Constitution et mythe - Da Cunha Paulo Ferreira
  51. Challenging Territoriality in Human Rights Law: Building Blocks for a Plural and Diverse Duty-Bearer Regime
  52. Africa and the Responsibility to Protect: Article 4(h) of the African Union Constitutive Act
  53. Practical Privacy: How to Keep Your Life...and Your Personal Data...Out of the Public Information Marketplace
  54. Intelligence is Overrated: What You Really Need to Succeed - Keld Jensen
  55. Exploring the Mandatory Life Sentence for Murder - , Julian V. Roberts
  56. Bentham's Theory of Law and Public Opinion
  57. An Inquiry into the Existence of Global Values: Through the Lens of Comparative Constitutional Law
  58. Silent Theft: The Private Plunder of Our Common Wealth - David Bollier
  59. A New, Objective, Pro-Objectivity Normative Theory: An Objective Basis for Morality, Society, Politics, Law, Education, Etc.-And for Liberty and Peace - Frederick Farrand
  60. Consumer Bankruptcy: The Complete Guide to Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Personal Bankruptcy - Henry J. Sommer
  61. Global Future Labour Law
  62. Developing Language and Communication Skills through Effective Small Group Work: SPIRALS: From 3-8 - , Jackie Lowe
  63. Effects of Insurance on Maritime Liability Law
  64. The British and the Grand Tour (Routledge Revivals) - Jeremy Black
  65. Educated by Initiative: The Effects of Direct Democracy on Citizens and Political Organizations in the American States - , Caroline Tolbert
  66. The Constitution of Israel: A Contextual Analysis - Suzie Navot
  67. Nolo's Plain-English Law Dictionary - Attorney Hill, Gerald
  68. The U.S. Supreme Court and New Federalism: From the Rehnquist to the Roberts Court - , John C. Blakeman
  69. The New Global Law
  70. Peer Power, Book Two - Judith Tindall
  71. Affordable Housing and Public Private Partnerships
  72. Genetic Resources as Natural Information: Implications for the Convention on Biological Diversity and Nagoya Protocol - Manuel Ruiz Muller
  73. Environmental Law from the Policy Perspective
  74. Dynamics in the French Constitution: Decoding French Republican Ideas - David Marrani
  75. Copyright Questions and Answers for Information Professionals: From the Columns of Against the Grain - Laura N. Gasaway
  76. Administrative Tribunals and Adjudication - Peter Cane
  77. Bills of Rights in the Common Law
  78. The Ultimate GDPR Practitioner Guide: Demystifying Privacy & Data Protection - Stephen R Massey
  79. Research Handbook on Electronic Commerce Law
  80. Enforcement of Copyright Law in India and Judicial Response -A Critique - Prof. V.l. Mony
  81. Digital Copyright: Law and Practice - Simon Stokes
  82. Evidence Lawcards 2012-2013 - Routledge
  83. Conservation and Recreation in Protected Areas: A Comparative Legal Analysis of Environmental Conflict Resolution in the United States and China - Yun Ma
  84. Conflict and cooperation on South Asia ' s international rivers: A legal perspective - World Bank
  85. North Carolina Auto Accident & Insurance Law - Carl Nagle
  86. Private Property and the Constitution - Bruce Ackerman
  87. Debating Euthanasia - , John Keown
  88. A Theory of Contract Law
  89. Bronx D.A.: True Stories from the Domestic Violence and Sex Crimes Unit - Sarena Straus
  90. Criminal Justice: A Beginner's Guide - Bryan Gibson
  91. The Ethics and Conduct of Lawyers in England and Wales - Andrew Boon
  92. Animals, Biopolitics, Law: Lively Legalities
  93. What Form of Government for the European Union and the Eurozone?
  94. Human Rights-Based Change: The Institutionalisation of Economic and Social Rights
  95. Marine Insurance Law
  96. The Constitution of Pakistan: A Contextual Analysis - Sadaf Aziz
  97. The Art of Playwriting - Being a Practical Treatise on the Elements of Dramatic Construction - Intended for the Playwrite, the Student and the Dramati - Alfred Hennequin
  98. The Gestapo on Trial: Evidence from Nuremberg - Bob Carruthers
  99. The Precautionary Principle in Marine Environmental Law: With Special Reference to High Risk Vessels - Bénédicte Sage-Fuller
  100. The Precautionary Principle in Marine Environmental Law: With Special Reference to High Risk Vessels - Bénédicte Sage-Fuller