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  1. Getting Permission: How to License & Clear Copyrighted Materials Online & Off - Richard Stim
  2. Bewigged and Bewildered?: A Guide to Becoming a Barrister in England and Wales - , Ian Higgins
  3. The Texas Supreme Court: A Narrative History, 1836-1986 - James L. Haley
  4. The New Commonwealth Model of Constitutionalism: Theory and Practice - Stephen Gardbaum
  5. Peacemaking, Religious Belief and the Rule of Law: The Struggle between Dictatorship and Democracy in Syria and Beyond - Paul J. Zwier
  6. Indigenous People, Crime and Punishment - Thalia Anthony
  7. Reason Curve, Jury Competence, and the English Criminal Justice System: The Case for a 21st Century Approach - Bethel Erastus-Obilo
  8. The Bakke Case: Race, Education, and Affirmative Action - Howard Ball
  9. An Introduction to Eu Competition Law - Moritz Lorenz
  10. Managing Family Justice in Diverse Societies: European and International Perspectives
  11. Fundamental Rights: History of a Constitutional Doctrine - Milton Konvitz
  12. Writing Engineering Specifications
  13. Cultural Expertise and Litigation: Patterns, Conflicts, Narratives
  14. History of the Yale Law School: The Tercentennial Lectures
  15. Understanding the Rule of Law - Geert Corstens
  16. Q&A Criminal Law (10th edition)
  17. The History of Indiana Law
  18. Gruesome Spectacles: Botched Executions and America's Death Penalty - Austin Sarat
  19. Democracy, Inc.: The Press and Law in the Corporate Rationalization of the Public Sphere - David S. Allen
  20. Privacy Rights: Cases Lost and Causes Won Before the Supreme Court - Alice Fleetwood Bartee
  21. Equity and Equitable Principles in the World Trade Organization: Addressing Conflicts and Overlaps between the WTO and Other Regimes - Anastasios Gourgourinis
  22. The Handbook of EEA Law
  23. The Resistance of African States to the Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court - Alexandre Guerreiro
  24. Revival: Knowing Rights (2001): State Actors' Stories of Power, Identity and Morality - , Michael Musheno
  25. Moonshine Memories - Thomas Allison
  26. Human Rights Lawcards 2012-2013 - Routledge
  27. Criminal Justice in Transition: The Northern Ireland Context
  28. Strategic Environmental Assessment in International and European Law: A Practitioner's Guide
  29. Principles of the Law of Agency: Complexity in the Law and Structure of Welfare - Howard Bennett
  30. Social Movements, Law and the Politics of Land Reform: Lessons from Brazil - George Meszaros
  31. Beyond the Bones: Engaging with Disparate Datasets
  32. Handbook of Complex Occupational Disability Claims
  33. The Environmental Jurisprudence of the Courts of India - Amit Kumar Pathak
  34. International Sales Law: A Guide to the CISG - , Christiana Fountoulakis
  35. Administrative Tribunals and Adjudication - Peter Cane
  36. On The Rule of Law - Brian Z. Tamanaha
  37. Indigenous People, Crime and Punishment - Thalia Anthony
  38. So You've Been in an Accident...Now What?: A Practical Guide to Personal Injury Law - Daniel Cuppett
  39. Key Cases: Evidence - , Emma Washbourne
  40. Caroline Norton's Defense: English Laws for Women in the 19th Century - Caroline Norton
  41. Wolves, Courts, and Public Policy: The Children of the Night Return to the Northern Rocky Mountains - Edward A. Fitzgerald
  42. An Unruly Child: A history of law in Australia - Bruce Kercher
  43. Cruel and Unusual: The American Death Penalty and the Founders' Eighth Amendment - John D. Bessler
  44. The ABA Spanish Legal Phrasebook - , Corinne Cooper
  45. Protecting Vulnerable Groups: The European Human Rights Framework
  46. Copyright's Highway: From Gutenberg to the Celestial Jukebox, Revised Edition - Paul Goldstein
  47. The Doctrine of Judicial Review: Its Legal and Historical Basis and Other Essays - Edward S. Corwin
  48. The Safest Shield: Lectures, Speeches and Essays - Igor Judge
  49. Politicizing the International Criminal Court: The Convergence of Politics, Ethics, and Law - Steven C. Roach
  50. Jurisdiction and Arbitration Agreements in International Commercial Law - Zheng Sophia Tang
  51. Abuse of EU Law and Regulation of the Internal Market - Alexandre Saydé
  52. The Economic and Financial Crisis and Collective Labour Law in Europe
  53. Victimology and Victim Rights: International comparative perspectives - Tyrone Kirchengast
  54. Blinded by Sight: Seeing Race Through the Eyes of the Blind - Osagie Obasogie
  55. Consumer Protection and Online Auction Platforms: Towards a Safer Legal Framework - Christine Riefa
  56. Freedom and Democracy in an Imperial Context: Dialogues with James Tully
  57. Copy(write): Intellectual Property in the Writing Classroom
  58. Children's Socio-Economic Rights, Democracy And The Courts: The Customs and Laws of War with Regards to Civilians in Times of Conflict - Aoife Nolan
  59. Reflections on Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment - George Anastaplo
  60. Commercial Lawcards 2012-2013
  61. The Law and Practice of Piracy at Sea: European and International Perspectives
  62. Gender, Violence and the State in Asia
  63. Justice and Security Reform: Development Agencies and Informal Institutions in Sierra Leone - Lisa Denney
  64. Ethics in Electroconvulsive Therapy - , Max Fink
  65. The Detection of Deception in Forensic Contexts
  66. Section 504 A Legal Guide for Educators: Practical Applications for Essential Compliance - Christina Sepiol
  67. Conserving Data in the Conservation Reserve: How A Regulatory Program Runs on Imperfect Information - James Hamilton
  68. The Memorable Thoughts of Socrates - Xenophon
  69. Public Law Adjudication in Common Law Systems: Process and Substance
  70. Courts Inquiry into Arbitral Jurisdiction at the Pre-Award
  71. Forensic Taphonomy and Ecology of North American Scavengers - , Elizabeth A. DiGangi
  72. Human Rights in Private Law: The Dynamics of Legal Integration
  73. Legislative Approximation and Application of EU Law in the Eastern Neighbourhood of the European Union: Towards a Common Regulatory Space?
  74. The Business of the Supreme Court: A Study in the Federal Judicial System - James M. Landis
  75. Challenges to the American Founding: Slavery, Historicism, and Progressivism in the Nineteenth Century
  76. The Building Acts and Regulations Applied: Buildings for Public Assembly and Residential Use - C.M.H. Barritt
  77. Regulating Vice - Jim Leitzel
  78. Multilingual Law: A Framework for Analysis and Understanding - Colin D Robertson
  79. Customary Law Ascertained Volume 3: The Customary Law of the Nama, Ovaherero, Ovambanderu, and San Communities of Namibia
  80. Developing Language and Communication Skills through Effective Small Group Work: SPIRALS: From 3-8 - , Jackie Lowe
  81. Divorce in New York: The Legal Process, Your Rights, and What to Expect - Michael Stutman
  82. Biblical and Contemporary Views on Capital Punishment - Nelson Chamberlin
  83. Economic Principles of Law
  84. The Composition of Herman Melville - Rick Mitchell
  85. Research Methods in Human Rights
  86. Privacy in Context: Technology, Policy, and the Integrity of Social Life - Helen Nissenbaum
  87. A Human Rights Framework for Intellectual Property, Innovation and Access to Medicines - Joo-Young Lee
  88. Family Lawcards 2012-2013 - Routledge
  89. Soft Law and the Global Financial System - Christopher Brummer
  90. Intellectual Property and Human Development , Current Trends and Future Scenarios: Law, Law - CTI Reviews
  91. Prenuptial Agreements: How to Write a Fair & Lasting Contract - , Shae Irving
  92. The International Law of the Sea: Perspectives on Law and Regulation - , Tim Stephens
  93. Causation in Negligence - Sarah Green
  94. Expounding the Constitution
  95. Conflict of Laws
  96. Landmark Cases in the Law of Tort
  97. International Trials and Reconciliation: Assessing the Impact of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia - Janine Natalya Clark
  98. The Condominium Concept: A Practical Guide for Officers, Owners, Realtors, Attorneys, and Directors of Florida Condominiums - Peter M. Dunbar
  99. The Constitution of the United States of America: A Contextual Analysis - Mark Tushnet
  100. The Constitution of India: A Contextual Analysis - Arun K Thiruvengadam