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  1. Quick Guide to Community Care Practice and the Law - Michael Mandelstam
  2. Legal Challenges in the Global Financial Crisis: Bail-outs, the Euro and Regulation
  3. Trials and Tribulations of International Prosecution
  4. Answering for Crime: Responsibility and Liability in the Criminal Law - R A Duff
  5. Software Contract Agreements Drafting and Negotiating
  6. Divorce in Connecticut: The Legal Process, Your Rights, and What to Expect - Reneé C. Bauer
  7. Contract Law: Ius Commune Casebooks for the Common Law of Europe - , Bénédicte Fauvarque-Cosson
  8. Adoption Law and Human Rights: International Perspectives - Kerry O'Halloran
  9. The Mind and Faith of Justice Holmes: His Speeches, Essays, Letters, and Judicial Opinions
  10. The Principles of the Law of Restitution
  11. Voyage Charters
  12. Legal Aspects of Health and Safety - Bridgit Dimond
  13. Process and Procedure in EU Administration - , Richard Rawlings
  14. The Condominium Concept: A Practical Guide for Officers, Owners, Realtors, Attorneys, and Directors of Florida Condominiums - Peter M. Dunbar
  15. The UN Watercourses Convention in Force: Strengthening International Law for Transboundary Water Management
  16. Developing Language and Communication Skills through Effective Small Group Work: SPIRALS: From 3-8 - , Jackie Lowe
  17. Legal Culture in the United States: An Introduction - Kirk Junker
  18. Contract Law
  19. The Contemporary Relevance of Carl Schmitt: Law, Politics, Theology
  20. The British Constitution: Continuity and Change: A Festschrift for Vernon Bogdanor
  21. The Domain Name Registration System: Liberalisation, Consumer Protection and Growth - Jenny Ng
  22. Federalism, the Supreme Court, and the Seventeenth Amendment: The Irony of Constitutional Democracy - Ralph A. Rossum
  23. Eye for an Eye - William Ian Miller
  24. Comparative Legal Studies: Traditions and Transitions
  25. The Rule of Law at the National and International Levels: Contestations and Deference
  26. Business Law in the Global Marketplace
  27. Virtual Freedom: Net Neutrality and Free Speech in the Internet Age - Dawn C. Nunziato
  28. Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Goods and Services: An Input-Output Approach - , Lester B. Lave
  29. Multi-Party and Multi-Contract Arbitration
  30. Victimology and Victim Rights: International comparative perspectives - Tyrone Kirchengast
  31. Text, Cases and Materials on Contract Law - , James Devenney
  32. The Educator's Guide to Texas School Law: Eighth Edition - , Frank Kemerer
  33. No Magic Wand: The Idealization of Science in Law - , Lewis H. LaRue
  34. Jurisprudence Lawcards 2012-2013 - Routledge
  35. The United Nations and Collective Security - Gary Wilson
  36. From the Corn Belt to the Gulf: Societal and Environmental Implications of Alternative Agricultural Futures
  37. The Texas Supreme Court: A Narrative History, 1836-1986 - James L. Haley
  38. Saving Bernice: Battered Women, Welfare, and Poverty - Jody Raphael
  39. Jungle Patrol, the Story of the Philippine Constabulary (1901-1936) - Vic Hurley
  40. Scorched Worth: A True Story of Destruction, Deceit, and Government Corruption - Joel Engel
  42. Property Diversity and its Implications - John Page
  43. Nothing to Hide: The False Tradeoff between Privacy and Security - Daniel J. Solove
  44. The Rule of Unwritten International Law: Customary Law, General Principles, and World Order - Peter G. Staubach
  45. Evidence Lawcards 2012-2013 - Routledge
  46. Building Contract Casebook
  47. A Guide to Special Education Advocacy: What Parents, Clinicians and Advocates Need to Know - Matthew Cohen
  48. The Complete Guide to Planning Your Estate in Illinois: A Step-by-Step Plan to Protect Your Assets, Limit Your Taxes, and Ensure Your Wishes are Fulfi - Linda C Ashar
  49. Conscience and the Common Good - Robert K. Vischer
  50. The New Commonwealth Model of Constitutionalism: Theory and Practice - Stephen Gardbaum
  51. The Complete Guide to Wills: What You Need to Know Explained Simply - Linda C Ashar
  52. Renegotiating Family Relationships, Second Edition: Divorce, Child Custody, and Mediation - Robert E. Emery
  53. The Sentence of the Court: A Handbook for Magistrates - Michael Watkins
  54. New Ghosts, Old Ghosts: Prisons and Labor Reform Camps in China: Prisons and Labor Reform Camps in China - , Michael R Anderson
  55. Dynamics in the French Constitution: Decoding French Republican Ideas - David Marrani
  56. Electronic Consumer Contracts in the Conflict of Laws
  57. The Treason Trial of Aaron Burr - R. Kent Newmyer
  58. Tort, Custom, and Karma: Globalization and Legal Consciousness in Thailand - , Jaruwan S. Engel
  59. Law in Transition: Human Rights, Development and Transitional Justice
  60. Film and the Law: The Cinema of Justice - , Guy Osborn
  61. The Legal Doctrines of the Rule of Law and the Legal State
  62. Bronx D.A.: True Stories from the Domestic Violence and Sex Crimes Unit - Sarena Straus
  63. Writing History in International Criminal Trials - Richard Ashby Wilson
  64. The Constitution of Singapore: A Contextual Analysis - Kevin YL Tan
  65. The Eu's Role in World Politics - Richard Youngs
  66. The Principles and Practice of International Aviation Law - , Gabriel S. Sanchez
  67. Law and the Internet
  68. Family Lawcards 2012-2013 - Routledge
  69. The Political High Court: How the High Court shapes politics - David Solomon
  70. The U.S. Supreme Court and New Federalism: From the Rehnquist to the Roberts Court - , John C. Blakeman
  71. Bills of Rights in the Common Law
  72. Law In and As Culture: Intellectual Property, Minority Rights, and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - Caroline Joan "Kay" S. Picart
  73. Q&A Jurisprudence - David Brooke
  74. Court of Remorse: Inside the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda - , Thierry Cruvellier Voss
  75. Consumer Law: Ius Commune Casebooks for a Common Law of Europe
  76. The Presentation and Settlement of Contractors Claims
  77. Q&A Equity & Trusts - Mohamed Ramjohn
  78. Consumer Law and Policy: Text and Materials on Regulating Consumer Markets - Iain Ramsay
  79. Modern Jurisprudence: A Philosophical Guide - Sean Coyle
  80. EU Competition Law: An Analytical Guide to the Leading Cases - Ariel Ezrachi
  81. An Introduction to International Criminal Law and Procedure - , Hakan Friman
  82. Gruesome Spectacles: Botched Executions and America's Death Penalty - Austin Sarat
  83. The Common Law - Oliver Wendell Holmes
  84. Shared Authority: Courts and Legislatures in Legal Theory - Dimitrios Kyritsis
  85. The Future of Europe - Jean-Claude Piris
  86. Estate Planning Basics - Attorney Clifford, Denis
  87. Contested Property Claims: What Disagreement Tells Us About Ownership
  88. Construction Contract Claims
  89. Nolo's Patents for Beginners - Attorney Pressman, David
  90. Human Rights Lawcards 2012-2013 - Routledge
  91. Constitutional Courts in Comparison: The US Supreme Court and the German Federal Constitutional Court
  92. Employment Law
  93. The Secret Circuit: The Little-Known Court Where the Rules of the Information Age Unfold - Bruce D. Abramson
  94. Equity and Trusts Lawcards 2012-2013 - Routledge
  95. The Evolving Dimensions of International Law - John F. Murphy
  96. The Politics of Industrial Agriculture - , Nicholas Hildyard
  97. Crime, Reason and History: A Critical Introduction to Criminal Law - Alan Norrie
  98. Land Rights, Biodiversity Conservation and Justice: Rethinking Parks and People
  99. Critical Tax Theory - Bridget J. Crawford
  100. The Laws of Slavery in Texas: Historical Documents and Essays